Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i know, i know

Whats the purpose of having a blog if you seldom update it? I guess to periodically hit you with random shit, and an update on yours truly.

I finally stopped working at the motorcycle shop after I got a job at montano velo! I never thought I would work in another bicycle shop after having served three of the best years of my life at cambridge bicycle.
Before moving to the bay area, I was already hearing tales of Montano's greatness, so I'm honored to joined their ranks. Needless to say, with a 9 month time out from the bicycle scene, I've had tons to catch up on. 26" fronts abound.

Next week is interbike and we will be chauffeuring a 12 passenger van full of shit bags including scally jessie raphael. I can't wait to catch up with the boston kids and see the new embrocation mag that is hot off the press. Last interbike was incredible and I'm saddened that the kipper won't be attending. This year will include much repping of the broakland frames, and the macaframa premier sponsored by house of commons. (Wednesday) If you haven't seen this clip of James rocking Travis's recent creation, please peek:

I'm finally getting a custom bike made by my friend igleheart. It's been a long time coming and I'm excited to finally call one of his creations my own. Keep that PMA pal!

Jason Mayhem has a live mix up! Downloadz

I still haven't updated my flickr with central america pics, but here is taylor to tide you over:

Monday, August 11, 2008

barb wired

I'm finally home after an incredible 10 days spent in Belize and Guatemala. I have about 300 pics to sort through, so give me a day or two for a proper update.

Along the way I made a British friend who introduced me to cockney rhyming slang. Did you know this existed?
Now i'm off to watch "lock, stock and two smoking barrels" a few times through.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

somebody in kansas city loves me

It dawned on me the other day that I've let a couple milestones slip by without fan fare.
Its been a little over a year since I started this blog in all its glory.
I have been living in SF for almost 8 months although it feels half as long.
The best...I bought my first Ducati in June. This has been a dream of mine for about a decade. I even have a little model of a Monster m900 sitting in a box at my moms. I picked up a '00 m900sie that got traded in to my shop. Purchased for a song, I threw some money at a loud exhaust, chopped the tail, and a few other odds and ends. Definitely the best sounding, and most versatile, bike I've owned. Perfect for a faster paced commute through the city.

My brother flew out here and drove the bmw r80 back home to SLC. It was getting dusty while in my possession and is now his first bike! Here is a pic of him in front of two desmosedici's that munroe motors is stupid enough to leave on the sidewalk unattended. Would you be stoked to drop 73k on a bike they left out in the mission? We got lunch, came back and they were still there. I felt like keying one to teach em a lesson.

Have I already told you how great this blog valerie is? The pictures alone are worth the click.

Off their blog you'll find this mix from futurecop.

I'm taking off to Belize for a little escape from the grind. Hopefully I will come back with a tan and some pictures of ruins.

Here is an addition to your life that you can thank me later for:

Sunday, July 27, 2008

orange honduhs

Found this baby riding around after breakfast the other day. No gauges. I was on my bicycle and got stopped and ticketed by a motorcycle cop. He said I had run multiple red lights. I asked if he was kidding. At least it happened in front of the place I was about to eat breakfast and my rad server, being a fellow cyclist, treated me to coffee and pancakes.

I got to take this little street legal dirt bike for a spin around the block. It belongs to one of our customers who obsessively details bikes. So clean it looks like it could be sold as new.

If you have time to kill, browse through the '08 IDEA award winners, while listening to some hall and oates

The bicycle film fest was happening this past weekend here in SF. Check it out if your city is on the list. They added many more dates this year compared to years past which is chill. I caught the last screening of the urban bike shorts and well worth the 10 bucks I didn't spend. (thanks for the hook!) Track bikes is bmx bikes, son.

One person I was happy to meet last year is Robin Chase. She started both zipcar and goloco, and she was kind enough to sponsor our 'cross team. She keeps a blog filled with her valuable musings, and this al gore speech was found linked off of it:

"There is now a 75 percent chance that within five years the entire ice cap will completely disappear during the summer months."

Also check out the time article on why gas going up in price has many side benefits. (again, courtesy of Robin.)

Monday, July 14, 2008

mee haugh

Sorry i haven't communicated with you internet. Here's a couple pictures i found or had sent to me.
This picture of Paul Smart is in the bathroom at work:

From the 4q blog.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

g spot

Friday I went to see the venerable alan braxe who was playing 5 cities in north america with co-headliner lifelike. When I discovered this show was coming through town, I started counting down the days. And with so much anticipation, sadly, it was a let down... The turnout was weak and the sound was less than great, but it was worth it to see at least 9 mustaches that matched like they planned it.

Lately, one of my favorite blogs to frequent has been valerie. I just listened to this mix from anoraak and think you should too! Starts and ends with BOC for crying out loud.

Today I received an email from Mark loaded with music to check out. Mark is an outstanding person. He books all of the good things that happen at enormous room, so if you are in Cambridge, check it. And speaking of which: mayhem and ghostdad playing tonight!
He also creates sick artwork like this back protector for Dainese.
Anyhow, his email included the latest Sebastien Tellier album. Tellier got Guy-Manuel de Homem-christo (half of Daft Punk) to produce this gem. Listen to it a few times through and enjoy the moaning.

I stumbled upon this image and instantly it brought back memories of not only Tom Ford era gucci, but also my first year living in Boston. Constant windiness, start, the green line, nat shermans, fakeredhead, copley, meatland, walking, humidity, cobblestones, dunkin donuts everywhere... Five years later and I'm six months into creating a new set of memories. Hopefully they will include immaculate pubic hair.

Yesterday I found this article featuring Roland Sands on hell for leather. He sounds like kindof a tool, but he's definitely spearheading something big. Dirt bikes is the new road race bikes, son.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

midnight visitor

There is a cat who lives in our warehouse named Persephone. I ignore her most of the time; she is as filthy as a rat and almost as annoying. Since day one, I have been bombarded by her constant meowing for food. I was instructed to feed her if she whines, and feed her I did. About a month after I moved in, I was pulled aside by the "house daddy" of our space and told I wasn't allowed to feed her anymore. Music to my ears right!? According to him, I was contributing to her "unhealthy weight gain" so the responsibility was lifted, ever so kindly, from my shoulders. Well, fast forward a couple months, to a few nights back, and you have me chilling out in my room. I hear a scratching on my door followed by Persephone's persistent meowing. The little bitch won't quit until I open up and she struts right in. After she explores a little bit, she cozies up in the middle of my bed. She sleeps all night and I actually hear her snoring and making little noises like she's dreaming! Do cats do that? Cute I'll admit, but now I'm sharing my bed with a grubby cat that I don't want to have cuddle time with. She pulled the same shtick the following night, and like a sucker, I let her right in.
So, what I have right now is her clawing at my door... Am I getting played or what?
I probably have picked up fleas or some dust disease.

I'm listening to the new dead meadow album right now and look forward to a couple more listens through.

After work a bunch of us took demo bikes and did a run of some of the local twisties in Lucas valley. I jumped at the opportunity to ride the Triumph Tiger, since I haven't yet worked it harder than a trip around the block. It had the comfort of a couch and could get up to speed and back down relatively quickly. It changed direction with ease, and sounded great. The front end likes to come up when you're really getting on it.
Earlier in the day I took the new Ducati Monster 696 out for a short loop and walked away very impressed. The riding experience was incredible with the carbon termignoni exhaust sounding mean and throaty. This bike is so easy and fun to ride it made me want one immediately. The icing on the cake was the digital dash with 80's knightrider style tachometer. It glows red!

Don't ask me what led me to the following article, but wtf. "we value people with money" Don't feel compelled to read it entirely? I understand, but at least check the last paragraph. I'll shut up now.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

moss brown

I was just riding along and then.. bam! this piece was waiting around the corner. The detail in this wheatpastey stencil ma-bobber was truly impressive. Hats off to the person who committed hours of their life to beautifying their neighborhood. (24th & bryant?)

Today I finally got a library card. It featured the art of a preschooler which couldn't have been more adorable. I also purchased consistent internet access via a 3g card for my laptop, so watch out for more posts about bikes, other peoples cute pets, and arbitrary blah blah.
Lately I have been riding the bmw to work and it's great to have it running and somewhat healthy. It looks like a rusted out piece of shit (which it is) but every time I lay my eyes on it, I remember why I haven't sold it yet. The intangibles right?

metal stonerz

Check these cool motorcycle relateds...
deus ex machina outta australia
hell bent for leather

Since I started at Hattar, we have had this custom thruxton and everyone who laid eyes upon it would drool and fiend. Finally one guy manned up and purchased it. The orange and grey paint is impressive and the exhaust system, developed for the thruxton cup by d&d, is most definitely not fucking around. Here is a new setup that looks killer, hopefully it sounds as dope as their 2 into 1 system.